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EA Prepared for Console Transition, Unconcerned About Battlefield 1’s Xbox Branding

Electronic Arts considers itself to be platform agnostic. At least, that’s according to the publisher’s Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen.

Word comes by way of Eurogamer, relaying EA’s recent investor day report that reveals how the company plans to zero in on launch woes. 

In the address, EA boss Andrew Wilson noted that the publisher’s “console partners want to stand right next to the biggest and best games in the industry. Typically what we see is that just aids awareness. It aids awareness whether you’re a PC gamer or an Xbox gamer or a PlayStation gamer. What the console partner hopes to achieve is some disproportionate awareness around the game as it relates to their particular console.”

Allaying fears that the Xbox branding has an impact on Battlefield 1 sales, Wilson went on to say that EA “has seen – and we’ve seen the analytics against it – is if you’re a PlayStation gamer, you do not reject it because it is brought to you by a potential console parter. You understand deeply it’s also available on your console. And what we get is just a multiplier effect of greater awareness in the marketplace.”

Considering itself to be well prepared for a potential console transition, EA also posted the following graphic in tandem with the investor call. 


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