A Star Wars Battlefront Campaign Wasn’t Included Because EA Wanted to Release Alongside The Force Awakens

As part of EA’s Investor Day yesterday, EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund answered questions raised by analyst Michael Pachter, including one about how they didn’t make a “super-high rated Star Wars game.”

After Soderlund agreed with an earlier comment that they “struggled” with the NBA brand and are working to rectify it, he responded to the Star Wars Battlefront question, explaining that it lacked a single-player campaign because they wanted to release the game at the same time as The Force Awakens:

Star Wars, I think, is a game where you have to look at it from a slightly different perspective. Yes, we know that the one thing that we got criticized for was the lack of a single-player campaign in it. It was a conscious decision that we made due to time, and being able to launch the game side-by-side with the movie that came out to get the strongest possible impact.

Soderlund added that they aren’t happy with the 75 ratings, but it’s something they’ll “cure going forward.”

Later on, Soderlund talked about how most shooters need a single-player campaign to be largely successful:

The shooter category as an example, we know to be true that in order for a game to truly break out and become really large, you most likely need both a single-player campaign where the player can get familiar with the game and practice playing the game, to then hop on and play online.

Do you think the Star Wars Battlefront sequel in 2017 will include a single-player campaign?

[Source: EA via DualShockers]