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patrick soderlund new studio

Ex-EA Exec Patrick Söderlund Opens New Studio

The new studio is partnering with Nexon.

patrick soderlund leaving ea

Patrick Söderlund is Leaving EA

Looking forward to seeing where he shows up next!

New Mass Effect

EA Sees “No Reason” Why They Shouldn’t Return to Mass Effect

EVP Patrick Söderlund thinks Andromeda was criticized more than it deserved.

PlayStation 4 Neo

EA Exec Says the Upgradable Approach With PlayStation 4 Neo Lets Them Bring More to the Players

EA has spirit for the PS4 Neo, yes they do. They have spirit, how about you?

EA Is “Absolutely Actively Looking” at Remasters

Expect Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay “in the not too distant future.”

A Star Wars Battlefront Campaign Wasn’t Included Because EA Wanted to Release Alongside The Force Awakens

EA knows most shooters need a single-player campaign to be successful.

EA Is Expanding Into the Action Game Market, Wants to Do Big AAA Productions

They are “building a lot of new IPs today,” and want to invest more in the future.

EA Would Rather Spend Money on New Projects Instead of Remastering Games

But EA didn’t completely rule a Mass Effect remaster out.

EA: Battlefield “Similarly Aligned” to Call of Duty’s 3-Year Development Cycle

Does this mean we’ll see Battlefield 5 in 2016?

EA: New Dead Space Isn’t in Development, Future Installment “Absolutely” Possible

Visceral’s a little busy at the moment.

EA: “The Day we Stop Making New IP is When we go Onto Life Support”

Activision and Ubisoft would gladly pull the plug if you do.