The Division’s Clear Sky Incursion and Update 1.2 Loot Revamp Detailed

Ubisoft recently held a livestream to discuss The Division‘s upcoming patch 1.2, during which the developer revealed a ton of information about the Clear Sky incursion, which has been compiled on Reddit. Without further ado, here’s what Clear Sky is all about:

In Columbus Circle, Rikers have seized one of the anti-aircraft sites abandoned by the Last Man Battalion. Now, they control the entire Manhattan airspace, and are taking possession of the supply drops. It is now your job, to neutralize this new threat and get these weapons back under the control of The Division.

Features and facts:

  • It is outside and can have different weather (big difference from Falcon Lost)
  • It appears to be a more a classic mission
  • The weather is toned down, so you won´t get the worst weather like blizzard, where you can only see a few meters.
  • The weather is random, so you can´t choose that.
  • The main enemy is the Rikers, so it is a more nightmarish encounter than with the LMBs
  • Gear Score recommendation for hard is 160
  • There is an open street at the beginning, you need to recover explosives from mobs and blast your way into Columbus Circle
  • You need to be more mobile than Falcon Lost, you can´t camp out in a pit
  • The way to Columbus Circle is a DPS check, that gives you an impression, if you can handle the rest
  • There is a checkpoint once you have reached Columbus Circle.
  • Clear Sky supports the different roles – more tank, distance DPS and healers.
  • The map is almost a replica of the real thing
  • You can pickup Med-Packs from the Restock Crate at the checkpoint, so you don´t have to attempt the second part of the mission with only 2 Med-Packs after you died.
  • Challenge mode will come out one week after 1.2 is deployed (exact dates will be revealed)

New open-world activities are also inbound, which include:

Search and Destroy missions

  • Search and Destroy (S&D) missions can be accepted from the Situation Board in the different Safe Houses.
  • You can only accept S&D missions, once you have cleared all Encounters and Sidemissions of a District.
  • There is an exclamation point next to the Save House, when new missions are available
  • S&D missions are random events that spawn on the map and your mission is to kill a group of mobs.
  • Each time you clear the S&D missions, you get an Intel Token. When you have cleared every mission of a District, you get additional two Intel Tokens.

High Value Target Missions

  • In the Base of Operations there are 2 new NPCs, where you can accept daily and weekly High Value Target Missions. Dailies are cheap 5 – 15 Intel Tokens, weeklies are more expensive and can cost up to 60 Intel Tokens
  • There are 6 daily and 4 weekly High Value Target missions
  • High Value Target missions have a timer on them that starts as soon as you accept the mission.
  • Normal High Value Target missions can be done as many times as it takes to complete them, High Risk Missions can only be attempted once.
  • The most difficult High Value Target missions have up to level 32 NPCs
  • High Value Target missions have different difficulties and the highest difficulty can drop 240 gear items

You can get more details on these missions here.

Update 1.2 also comes with a revamped loot system. Ubisoft mentioned the following:

• Adding another source of high quality loot for the Open World

• Increasing mission rewards on Hard Mode and Challenge Mode main missions significantly

• Adding guaranteed 204 weapon drops to the Incursions weekly

• Clearing Hard Mode or Challenge Mode Incursions will now reward you with a loot drop relevant to the difficulty every time

• Revamp the loot drops in all Dark Zone Gear Score brackets to provide a clear line of progression

• Significantly increasing the quality of loot from Supply Drops

For comprehensive details about the new loot system, head over here.
The Division update 1.2 will be out on Tuesday, May 24.
[Source: Reddit, The Division]