Get Three Months of Spotify Premium for $0.99 on PlayStation

Spotify has launched a special offer for PlayStation owners who haven’t yet tried its Premium service. You can sign up for three months of ad-free, offline music for $0.99. The catch is that you must not have previously received a trial of Spotify Premium. Over on the PlayStation blog, the company wrote that the deal is being offered as a thank you to fans who have enabled Spotify to become one of the most downloaded apps in PlayStation’s history.

Thanks to you, Spotify has become one of the most downloaded apps in PlayStation history, and together we’ve reached more than five billion streams. Now, we’re excited to introduce our music-loving players to another level of listening.

You can check out the official terms and conditions here

Those who wish to avail the offer have until June 30 to do so. You can redeem it by visiting this link.

Are any of our readers planning to check this out?

[Source: PlayStation]