PlayStation 4.5 a “Naturally Expected Part of the Lifecycle,” Says Sumo Digital Co-Founder

Weighing in on the all-but-confirmed PlayStation 4.5, Sumo Digital Co-Founder Carl Cavers believes that Sony’s purported hardware upgrade is to be expected as “people are prepared to invest in the latest thing.”

During an interview with MCV UK, Cavers attributed the mid-gen refresh to mobile devices noting that, so long as companies offer the consumer a reason to upgrade, then users will want to have “the latest cutting edge technology.”

“It’s a naturally expected part of the lifecycle. There have always been changes in hardware. There have always been updates. There have always been iterations. So people want the latest thing, as has born out by mobile devices. People are prepared to invest in the latest thing if it gives them a real reason to invest. If there’s a significant reason for having an upgrade or a change, then people want to have the latest cutting edge technology.

“And games have always been cutting edge. It needs to remain there, you can’t afford to have consoles that have become outdated.”

Those reported specs for PlayStation 4.5 — currently bearing the codename PS4 Neo — tease a GPU twice as powerful as that of its PS4 brethren, while there’s also mention of a different hard drive. Whether that indicates faster or bigger — or indeed both — is up for question. 

What do you make of Cavers’ comments relating to PS4.5?

[Source: MCV UK]