Battlefield 1 Livestream Happening on June 12

Excited to see some actual Battlefield 1 multiplayer gameplay? Well, you’re going to get your wish very soon! EA has announced that a Battlefield 1 livestream will be happening at the publisher’s EA Play event!

Starting at 2:00 p.m. PT, gamers will be able to watch full-on 64-player warfare with Battlefield community members. Battlefield Friends’ “Noob” and StoneMountain64 will be serving as team captains, while “well-known” YouTubers and Twitch streamers will comprise the teams. EA also mentions that there will be “special guests” as well.

Interested in the gameplay but want to know what we think about it? Thankfully, we’re booked to attend EA Play and we’re definitely going to give Battlefield 1 a spin and let you know what we think about it.

What are you hoping to see on June 12? Infantry gameplay or would you rather see how the destruction and vehicle warfare is panning out? 

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[Source: Battlefield]