Doom Update 1.03 on PS4 Fixes SnapMap Save Corruption Issue

Bethesda and id Software released Doom update 1.03 today on PlayStation 4 to address a SnapMap save corruption issue.

While the PS4’s Update History just says it includes “various bug fixes,” Bethesda explained exactly what the 101MB update did:

Today we’ve released an incremental update for DOOM on PlayStation 4 to resolve an issue where some players were experiencing save corruption when using SnapMap.

id Software continues work on the next title update for DOOM (all platforms) and we will be sharing updated information soon.

According to numerous reports, the new update didn’t address the IDKFA Trophy issue and it’s still glitched.

The first of three Doom expansion packs launches this summer and includes three new maps, one new weapon, new hack modules, and more. It’ll cost $14.99, or you can get it in the $39.99 Season Pass.

[Source: Bethesda, Reddit]