Resident Evil 5 Releases on June 28 for PS4 & Xbox One With All DLC, Increased Frame-Rate

Resident Evil 5 is releasing digitally on June 28 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a retail release happening on July 12 in North America, Capcom announced today.

Along with the main story campaign, Resident Evil 5 includes every piece of DLC: Lost in Nightmares, Desperate Escape, No Mercy Mode (previously PC-only), and The Mercenaries United. “No Mercy Mode takes advantage of the extra power of current-gen consoles to throw even larger hordes of enemies at players,” Capcom explains. “The Mercenaries United consolidates every piece of Mercenaries content that was originally released for RE5.”

Priced at $19.99, Resident Evil 5 will run at “full 1080p HD with an increased frame rate,” according to the Xbox Games Store.

Capcom talked about Resident Evil 5:

Two players can team up to play through the intense and extensive campaign together, which includes boating through gator-infested swamps and exploring ancient ruins beneath Kijuju. Co-op in this game builds off of the satisfying, deliberate, and revolutionary gunplay introduced in Resident Evil 4. Friends can team up for both local split-screen and online co-op play. Remember, friendships can either be strengthened or shattered depending on how quick you are to heal your buddy with that first-aid spray.

You can view the full Trophy list over on Exophase.

As a reminder, Resident Evil 4 will come to PS4 and Xbox One in fall 2016.

[Source: Capcom Unity, Xbox Games Store]