Filthy Lucre Brings a Mix of Action and Stealth to PS4 & PC This Summer

The debut title from Fabrik Games, Filthy Lucre is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC this summer, with PlayStation VR support planned.

Featuring a mix of stealth and action, Filthy Lucre sees you infiltrating Britain’s criminal network to help your boss take out another rival gang’s operation.

As Fabrik CEO Graeme Ankers explained, they’ve “created a game that allows you to dynamically choose how you want to play, without feeling constrained by the design.” This means that, if your original stealth plan fails, you can whip out your assault weapons and “the game dynamically adapts to your play style, with cutting edge AI adjusting their approach.”

Filthy Lucre also includes a campaign that can be played solo or with a friend (online or local), as well as over 30 upgradeable weapons and gear items, and a non-linear mission structure that lets you choose which mission to complete.

Technical Director Kieran D’Archambaud said:

Every time you play a mission, it plays out differently. Emergent AI means the world acts and reacts according to your actions. We’re allowing players to create their own unique ways to make a steal, with different experiences each time. The choices you make in game have a consequence, your past actions cascade through the game world and will catch up with you.

Fabrik, which boasts developers who previously worked on DriveClub and Battlefield, also revealed that they have a second title in development right now.

[Source: PS Blog]