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Report: Watch Dogs 2 Promo Item Tees Up E3 Unveiling

Prominent YouTuber The Rad Brad has shared what appears to be a Watch Dogs 2 promo item, fuelling rumors that an official announcement is right around the corner. 

First spotted by NeoGAF, the image showcases a pair of branded sunglasses, enclosed in a leather case that sports the digitized Watch Dogs font. There’s also a minimalist poster featuring the series logo alongside the number two, all but confirming that Ubisoft is on the verge of unveiling the sequel.  

Said to feature a “new tone” over its predecessor, Ubisoft has teased plans for a media blowout at E3 later this month, when we’ll likely hear word of an official title and possibly a release date for the follow-up. 

Watch Dogs 2 is penciled in to launch at some point before April 2017. What do you make of the alleged gift box?

[Source: Twitter via NeoGAF]