Watch Dogs Legion Free Access Weekend

Watch Dogs: Legion Free Access Weekend Running Now, Discounts on Deluxe and Gold Editions

Ubisoft has been offering free access for a limited time on quite a few of its titles recently. The most recent of these is Watch Dogs: Legion, whose free weekend is running right now. From today until 3pm BST on September 5, players can get try out the single player campaign and online modes. Those wanting to keep the game can make use of discounts on the Deluxe and Gold Editions on the PlayStation Store too.

Set in London, the campaign features a city in turmoil. Government has been defeated, a series of bombings has residents living in fear, and criminal gangs have moved in to take charge. Blame for the bombings has been placed on an underground resistance movement known as DedSec, mainly because they’ve been framed by a mysterious entity called Zero-Day and players have to prove their innocence by discovering his real identity. Along the way, they’ll need to recruit more members and take down the criminal gangs to free London.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s online modes include co-op missions like the newly-released Money Heist collaboration. Title Update 5.5 also added the Invasion and Extraction PvP modes, as well as an Assassin’s Creed collaboration, Resistance mode, and the standalone Legion of the Dead mode. While not specified, the description of the event makes it sound like Legion of the Dead, a four-player co-op zombie mode, may be unavailable to those making use of the free weekend.

Players who choose to purchase Watch Dogs: Legion after trying it out during a free weekend will be able to keep their progress. Both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players can get a 67% discount on both the Deluxe Edition (currently $23.09) and the Gold Edition (currently $32.99). Just to put it in perspective, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s Season Pass that is included in the Gold Edition is $39.99 on its own.

[Source: Ubisoft]