Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead DLC

Watch Dogs Legion of the Dead DLC Announced, Adds 4-Player Co-op Zombie Mode Set in London

Watch Dogs Legion: Legion of the Dead DLC, alongside the new Watch Dogs: Legion Title Update 4.5, is scheduled to drop on June 1, 2021. The new update adds a four-player PvE rogue-like zombie mode that drops players in a zombie-infested London, tasked with escaping the city unharmed. The Title Update also comes with a free operative, as well as cross-gen play, and a 60 fps performance mode for PlayStation 5 versions of the game.

Titled Legion of the Dead, the DLC will be in an alpha state on release. Ubisoft stated that the game mode will be subject to various tweaks and changes as it receives community feedback. In an interview with IGN, Watch Dogs online director Jean-Pascal Cambiotti states that the company aims for “players to have fun using different strategies” in the new game mode. He also says that they “plan to update the game frequently so [they] can react to things like adjusting the difficulty level” based on player feedback.

As of currently, the game mode seems fairly straightforward. In IGN’s 21-minute gameplay video, 4 players can be seen navigating through the streets of London while periodically encountering both zombies and enemy combatants. Players can choose to engage with zombies, or use stealth to avoid fighting and wasting ammunition. Additionally, some hacking mechanics are still present in this game mode and allow players to remotely control cars to run over zombies, hack drones to distract and kill zombies, as well as set up explosive traps.

Strangely, bullet fire doesn’t seem to attract as much zombie attention as much as in games like Left 4 Dead, though things do get more hectic later into the game as the team gets farther into the metropolitan area. As the number of zombies increases, the team will also have to deal with smarter human enemies that are equipped with guns and tech of their own. This goes on all while players try to complete objectives and collect supplies.

You can check out the full 21-minute gameplay video below:

Watch Dogs: Legion is currently available for PS4 and PS5. The new Title Update 4.5 releases today, June 1, 2021, and the Legion of the Dead DLC releases alongside it.

[Source: IGN]