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Dragon Quest Heroes II – 40+ Screens of Battle, Fields

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Heroes II has been rocking my PS4. Here are some screenshots of combat and a couple of battlefields I’ve been on.

So far finding the battlefields by running across the desert every time has been a mixed bag. It’s fun to go out exploring traditional DQ style, but this is a musou mixed with action RPG, so it doesn’t quite deliver that feeling Square Enix might have been going for; it instead seems like it might be an attempt to cash in on the buzzword “open world” that falls a little short. Time will tell, though, as I’m only a few hours in.

Look forward to more info and a full review once I’m all done.  You can see my other screenshots from the story sequences such as CG cinemas here.

play-asiaI got this game from and you can too.