Report: Guillemot Brothers Working Together to Defend Ubisoft After Losing Gameloft to Vivendi

Since last October, Michel and Yves Guillemot have been dealing with a nightmare of a situation as French media conglomerate, Vivendi, continued to aggressively increase its stake in both Ubisoft and Gameloft. Vivendi is no stranger to controversy (see: Activision-Blizzard fiasco) and despite the Guillemot brothers opposing its moves, it seems that there was no stopping the company.

Well, the inevitable happened. Michel Guillemot recently lost Gameloft to Vivendi as its shareholders backed a hostile bid. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Michel now plans to step down as CEO and is teaming up with Yves to help prevent Ubisoft from meeting a similar fate. The publication reports that the Guillemots, who own a 15 percent stake in the Assassin’s Creed publisher, are meeting financial advisers to help protect the company despite Vivendi stating that it isn’t aiming for a takeover. At present, the media company owns 18 percent of capital and has sought board representation in Ubisoft.

Will Ubisoft meet the same fate as Gameloft? Time will tell.

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[Source: Bloomberg]