Destiny: Rise of Iron All But Confirmed Following Trademark Filing

Evidence continues to mount that Destiny‘s upcoming fall expansion will arrive bearing the title Rise of Iron

With an official reveal right around the corner — Thursday, June 9, to be exact — a trademark filing for the add-on has now surfaced, revealing that Bungie filed an application for Rise of Iron on May 31 for use across video game software, among other multimedia categories. Details of the listing can be found via the United States Patent and Trademark Office website

What’s more, YouTube personality Gothalion also took note of a Google advert for Destiny: Rise of Iron, seemingly revealing that the expansion will herald “new story, raid, gear and weapons” much like those add-ons that have come before. 

Here’s the image in question, via Twitter: 


Bungie will host the Destiny reveal stream via Twitch on Thursday, June 9 at 10am PT, revealing what’s in store for Guardians this fall. 

[Sources: USPTO via Game Informer, Twitter]