Siren PS4 Trophies Listed Online

Consider it a rumor no more — following months of speculation, Exophase has listed the PS4 trophies for Siren, all but confirming that the cult horror game is headed to Sony’s current-gen system. 

Whether it’s in the form of a complete remaster or, in the more likely scenario, that Siren is the latest addition to the company’s library of PS2-on-PS4 games remains to be seen. 

Known as Forbidden Siren in the UK, you can have a gander at the confirmed roster of Siren trophies via the gallery below, which includes seven Bronze, four Silver and one Gold. Be wary of spoilers if you’re yet to play Keiichiro Toyama’s spooky horror experience. 

Siren: Blood Curse is currently one of the titles featured on June’s PlayStation Plus lineup

[Source: Exophase]