Destiny Update 2.3.0 Is Live, Here’s all the Patch Notes

Featuring lots of changes to classes and weapons, Destiny update 2.3.0 is now available to download on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. It’s reportedly a 280MB download on PS4/XB1 and 210MB on PS3.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for today’s Destiny update, which targets classes, weapons, armor, activities, the Crucible, items, and more:




Super: Hammer of Sol

  • Hammer travel speed increased by 1.3%
  • Hammer detonation radius increased by 10%
  • Damage increased by 10% against AI combatants


Super: Fist of Havoc

  • Base damage increased by 50% and an additional 50% against AI combatants



  • Spike Grenade: damage impulses per second reduced to 5 from 10
  • Spike Grenade: damage per impulse increased by 100%; total damage unchanged




  • Swarm Grenade: increased arming radius 0.5 meters
  • Swarm Grenade: detonation damage increased by 7%
  • Tripmine: no longer attaches to targets; arms on impact then bounces and attaches to terrain
  • Tripmine: damage reduced by 3%

Super: Golden Gun

  • Base damage increased by 50% and an additional 30% against AI combatants
  • Deadeye: now increases golden gun damage by an additional 30%

Melee: Throwing Knife

  • Base damage reduced by 10%
  • Circle of Life: modified functionality: precision kills with Throwing Knife reduce the cooldown of Golden Gun
  • Circle of Life: no longer extends the duration of golden gun
  • Circle of Life: +1 armor removed


  • Scavenger: increased the amount of grenade and melee energy awarded by 33%
  • Chain of Woe: +1 recovery added
  • Over the Horizon: +1 recovery removed



  • Skip Grenade: tracking time reduced to 8 seconds from 12
  • Skip Grenade: detonation damage reduced by 13%

Double Jump

  • Blink: now incurs a -1 recovery penalty

Super: Arc Blade

  • Changed to be less about repeatedly swinging and more about decisive strikes with additional effectiveness:
  • Base duration increased by 2 seconds
  • Hit detection test range increased by 0.5 meters
  • Damage increased by 30% against AI combatants
  • Added a 0.8 second cooldown between Arc Blade swings while airborne
  • Energy cost per swing increased by 20%
  • Energy cost on hit decreased by 20%
  • Vanish: now causes the player to vanish on cast in addition to its normal functionality
  • Showstopper: damage radius extended by 1 meter

Melee: Blink Strike

  • Lunge distance decreased by 0.4 meters
  • Backstab: valid backstab angle reduced by 30 degrees
  • Escape Artist: invisibility effect delayed by 0.5 seconds
  • Fast Twitch: recharge reduced by 20%


  • Encore: killing an enemy with Arc Blade now extends its duration and grants a 150% increase to arc blade damage for a short time



  • Spike Grenade: damage impulses per second reduced to 5 from 10
  • Spike Grenade: damage per impulse increased by 100%; total damage unchanged

Super: Shadowshot

  • Now applies the suppression effect on impact

Melee: Smoke

  • Changed to be less frustrating to play against in PvP, but more effective in PvE
  • Impact damage increased by 34%
  • Impact suppression and damage over time duration reduced by 1 second
  • Jump suppression removed from initial impact status effects
  • Un-upgraded smoke cloud duration increased by 1 second
  • Envenomed: cloud duration increased by 1 second
  • Envenomed: Jump suppression removed from cloud status effects
  • Vanish in smoke: +1 agility removed
  • Snare: cloud duration increased by 1 second


  • Courage of the Pack: now increases recovery, armor and agility by 2 per stack
  • Courage of the Pack: now stacks 3 times
  • Lockdown: now increases smoke duration by 2 seconds (+2 additional seconds with the Snare upgrade)
  • Predator: now reduces the cooldown of the Shadowshot ability
  • Shadestep: moved to a single dodge on a 3 second cooldown




  • Firebolt: increased arming time by 0.2 seconds
  • Firebolt: decreased victim search radius by 1 meter

Melee: Scorch

  • Flame Shield: 0.3 second delay added before the overshield activation


  • Viking Funeral: no longer extends the duration of Ignite effects
  • Viking Funeral: now weakens targets afflicted with Ignite effects, causing them to take 5% more damage from all sources, stacking up to 3 times.



  • Blink: now incurs a -1 recovery penalty

Super: Nova Bomb

  • Base damage increased by 50% and an additional 50% against AI combatants
  • Lance: now increases Nova Bomb damage by an additional 25%



  • Fixed an issue where the Year 2 version of “Thunderlord” was not available for some players in the Kiosk
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect UI bars were displayed on Red Spectre
  • Fixed an issue where Exotic machinegun stability was ignoring the base stats for recoil (Thunderlord, Super Good Advice)
  • Fixed an issue where Defiance of Yasmin did not have the adjusted zoom for sniper rifles introduced in 2.2.0 (5x) & increased the inventory stat by 10

Auto Rifles

  • Reduced damage of high rate of fire autos by 6% (Doctrine of Passing)

Hand Cannons

  • Increased initial accuracy and decreased accuracy drop for low range hand cannons
  • Made damage falloff curves steeper to better coincide with intended effective range of hand cannons
  • Small increase to PvE damage to all hand cannons (amount depending on enemy class)


  • It now takes less time for your Ghost to automatically grab ammo for you when you’re running low on ammo


  • Slight reduction to Hawkmoon stability (-5 stability)


  • Slight reduction to Counterbalance effectiveness (Reduces 80% of recoil angle instead of 90%)



Twilight Garrison

  • Moved Tactical Air Support ability to a single dodge on a 3 second cooldown



  • The alternate ending to “Paradox” can now be completed at any time by selecting it from the Director on the Heroic difficulty
  • The alternate ending to “Lost to Light” can now be completed at any time by selecting it from the Director on the Heroic difficulty
  • The “Firewall” mission will now be available as soon as the player has turned in the required items to access it

Prison of Elders

  • The Level 41 Prison of Elders Arena activity tooltip now properly indicates remaining weekly Legendary Mark rewards. These weekly Legendary Mark rewards are shared with the Weekly Heroic Strike Playlist, and may be earned from either activity.
  • Challenge of the Elders “Variks grows impatient” point deduction now grows more severe the longer you are in a given section: Point Deduction = (50 x number of times he has grown impatient)


  • All weekly rotating activities in Crucible now feature weekly rewards
  • Fixed an issue where Trials of Osiris boon icons from House of Wolves persisted after deleting a Trials passage


  • Three new Chroma colors have been added: Orange, Magenta, & Green: These have a chance to be found in Sterling Treasures or from dismantling the Spektar gear set
  • Fixed an issue where players who did not own The Taken King could purchase Sterling Treasures from Eververse
  • Desolate Class Items are now correctly listed as Guaranteed items instead of Possible on Sterling Treasure preview
  • Fixed an issue where Daily Heroic Story missions that were from House of Wolves were not properly awarding Legendary Marks
  • Fixed an issue where “The Road Unraveled” ship would be unobtainable from Future War Cult faction packages under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the “Kicks Dance” emote was not displaying proper announcement text
  • Fixed an issue where Variks would not sell the Dreadfang sword if the player obtained and dismantled the sword on all characters  


  • Fixed an issue where equipping the “Armor of Vows” New Monarchy ship caused a false Postmaster notification

You can learn more about the classes and weapons changes by following the links.

If you missed the announcement earlier this month, Destiny: Rise of Iron is coming to PS4 and XB1 on September 20.

[Source: Bungie, Reddit]

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