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E3 2016 – Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection Isn’t Ruled Out, KH3 Won’t Add Final Fantasy Worlds

When Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue comes to PlayStation 4 in December 2016, it will be the first Kingdom Hearts compilation on the system, as both the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD remixes are only available on PlayStation 3. However, there’s a chance those older collections will come to PS4 at some point.

Mirroring a comment he made in December 2014, Kingdom Hearts 3 Co-Director Tai Yasue told GameSpot that they haven’t ruled out the collections for PS4:

We haven’t come to decision and nothing is announced yet. We listen to our fans and our players and see what they think about it – and, yeah, I’m not ruling it out, but we’re not making an announcement just yet.

After saying Kingdom Hearts 3 development is “moving along fine,” Yasue revealed that you won’t find any Final Fantasy worlds in the upcoming sequel. Instead, they’re focusing on Disney worlds and original worlds:

We’re not adding any Final Fantasy worlds. A lot of the original [to Kingdom Hearts] worlds [Hollow Bastion, Traverse Town, e.t.c.] had Final Fantasy characters in them. At this moment, we are not really coming up with any plans for that, we’re making original worlds and Disney worlds.

Series director Tetsuya Nomura was also interviewed by Famitsu at E3 2016, revealing that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a short prelude before the game begins to catch you up with the story.

As for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance included in 2.8, it now runs at 60 frames-per-second. Birth by Sleep 0.2 in 2.8, meanwhile, will have a lot of cutscenes and main character Aqua will only get stronger through leveling up, not by obtaining new Keyblades.

He also touched on Final Fantasy VII Remake, saying it’s still a while away, but development is going at a steady pace. We’ll get more info on the remake at a later date and, when it’s next shown, Nomura will appear publicly to reveal it.

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