Sony: Standard PS4 Will Be Able to Play “All of the Games” Releasing This Generation

Since Sony has confirmed the PlayStation 4 Neo hardware revision, they’ve made sure to explain that it’s “an addition to the existing line-up, not a replacement,” and every PS4 game will play on both the standard and high-end systems. Speaking with CNBC, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House revealed that every PS4 game released this console generation will work on the standard system:

[Neo is] a higher end version of the PlayStation 4. We will absolutely have a single community of players. All of the games releasing within this life cycle [of consoles] will absolutely be playable on the standard PS4 … This just offers the consumer another option. If you are looking for the highest graphics performance, if you recent bought a 4K TV and you’re looking for content, then Neo is going to be great option for you. But it is that – an option – rather than saying the cycle has moved on.

So, even if Sony does happen to create another console revision after Neo, expect every single PS4 game released this generation to still work on the standard system.

House also addressed the fact that consumer expectation for new innovations has changed:

People invest in a console and they want to have that investment validated over a decent period of time. That being said, with iterations like Neo we are, to some degree as an industry, acknowledging the pace of iteration has shifted. … People have become attuned to a slightly different cadence of innovation. The critical thing is to give the consumer options, rather than dictate the future for them.

As in previous interviews, House declined to comment on a release window for Neo.

[Source: CNBC]