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PS4 Neo: Andrew House Explains Why It Isn’t at E3 2016, Says Games Will “Play an Awful Lot Prettier”

In a short interview with the BBC, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House explained why the newly confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo isn’t at E3 2016 this week:

Really very very simple: Just as was the case with PlayStation VR, we feel it’s important to show people the new hardware, the new platform when we’ve got the full range of experiences that can take advantage of it.

Asked if this PS4 hardware refresh is the first sign of a new strategy for Sony where they’ll do more heavy-duty upgrades over a console’s lifecycle, House said:

To be very clear, the high-end PS4, code-named Neo, that we are working on is an addition to the existing line-up, not a replacement. And perhaps we have an opportunity to move slightly away from just a static console that remains absolutely the same for a period of six, seven. eight years, and perhaps offer, in addition to the current PlayStation 4, something a little extra. Particularly – and I should stress this – in the area of graphic fidelity and games that will essentially play an awful lot prettier than games have previously.

Do you think PS4 Neo will be out before Project Scorpio in late 2017?

[Source: BBC via VideoGamer]