E3 2016 – Newly Revealed PS4 Games Include Chambara, Pox Nora, Verdun, Rabi-Ribi & More

While big titles like God of War, Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Resident Evil 7 were the focus at E3 2016, many other smaller titles were revealed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this past week.

Here’s a look at some of them, complete with announce trailers and descriptions:

Chambara from Team Ok (PS4) – July 26, 2016

Samurai birds hide, seek, and strike in this stylish local multiplayer stealth-game where the two-color art style lets you disappear perfectly into your environment.

Chambara elegantly reinvents hide-and-seek in a high-contrast world, where players hide in plain sight by camouflaging against like-colored areas to ambush each other in thrilling and stylish duels. In Chambara, you and your friends will experience the edge-of-your seat tension of stealth combat in a couch multiplayer game that looks like no other.

Disc Jam from High Horse Entertainment (PS4) – Coming Soon

Disc Jam is a brand new arcade sports game blending air hockey and tennis in a unique combination of strategy and skill. Play on your couch or party up and take on the world in casual and ranked online modes.

Fault Milestone One from Alive in Dissonance, Sekai Project (PS4, PS Vita) – Fall 2016

Fault is a series of science-fantasy cinematic novels using a unique 3D camera system for a visually immersive reading experience. Fault Milestone One follows the story of a princess named Selphine and her Royal Guardian Ritona. When a sudden assault devastates their homeland of Rughzenhaide, the two are forced to escape…but somehow end up teleported into an unknown forest full of vegetation they don’t recognize. The atmosphere is thick and heavy. There is no sign of life, very unusual in such a lush forest. Something is wrong about the land, but they are too startled to notice what.

Sekai Project and Limited Run Games are honored to announce our first partnership game, Fault Milestone One, will be available console exclusive to PS4 and PS Vita. The porting duties are being handled by Mighty Rabbit Studios, and both versions will feature new music and content. The game will also be available in a limited physical run.

Pox Nora from Desert Owl Games (PS4, PS Vita) – Summer 2016

We’re excited to bring Pox Nora, the collectible-cards meets tactical-strategy indie hit, to both PS4 and PS Vita! Lead armies of over 1500 champions, cast over 500 spells of devastating power, and summon over 400 relics and equipment of ancient renown to defeat opponents. Easily share all the awesome combos and Pox moves with your friends, with a freshly updated interface, in-game rune manager, store and deck builder, and new expansions in development. There are over 2,700 hand-illustrated cards you can use to build your deck, and over 100 unique campaigns available for hundreds of hours of play! Enjoy your adventure in the many single-player campaigns, skirmish against the computer, or battle against other players in player vs player matches. You can even use skirmish mode to test your deck builds against high ranked player decks. And as always, our community is involved with the development of the game, steering our content development!

Qurare: Magic Library from IO Studio (PS4) – July 2016 (Early Access)

Feast your eyes on a rich variety of dazzling card illustrations in Qurare: Magic Library! In this next-gen card battle RPG, you will find yourself immersed in the vast sea of stories that span multiple dimensions, enjoying exciting adventures with charming librarians and tons of cool Kodices. Qurare: Magic Library will launch Early Access in July for the United States and Canada. To enjoy Qurare, players must apply for Early Access in advance through the promotion page to receive Early Access codes. When Early Access launches, players must enter their code in PlayStation Store to play Qurare: Magic Library before the official release.

Rabi-Ribi from CreSpirit, Sekai Project (PS4, PS Vita) – Winter 2016

Rabi-Ribi is part platformer, part bullet-hell, and entirely too cute! Rabi-Ribi follows the “mishop” adventure of Erina, whose routine life as a rabbit is turned upside down and inside out when she awakens to discover that, not only is she in an unfamiliar new world, but she has been transformed into a human girl…with rabbit ears and a fuzzy lil’ tail to match!

This enhanced version goes deep into the rabbit hole and will feature all new music, all previous content from the PC version along with brand new, exciting gameplay content!

Steredenn from Pixelnest Studio (PS4) – June 28, 2016

Steredenn is a frenetic and chaotic space shooter carved in big beautiful pixels, with insane boss battles. Embark in your ship and engage the fight against dreadful space pirates in a never-ending battle for your survival when the game releases on PS4 June 28. Steredenn is at the crossroads between a shmup and a roguelike; The gameplay is infinite and unforgiving. The levels are randomly generated, with a lot of different and completely unpredictable events — asteroid fields, laser rains, meteor showers, an old battlefield, maze of lasers, and more. Boss fights are challenging, intense, and epic. And each time you defeat a boss, you can upgrade your ship to unlock new powers and abilities. Grab your guns and forge your own path across the universe! And: good luck.

Verdun from M2H and Blackmill Games (PS4) – August 30, 2016

Anxious for a WW1 shooter? Verdun, the first WW1 FPS game is coming to PS4 on August 30. Over the past year we had lots of requests for a console version from the Verdun community, so we started fine-tuning the game with Abstraction Games for the console version.

For those that haven’t heard about the game yet, Verdun is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in a realistic World War 1 setting. The game takes place on the western front between 1914 and 1918, in one of the bloodiest conflicts in world history. The developers were inspired by the infamous Battle of Verdun France in 1916. The game offers four distinct game-modes: Frontlines, Attrition, Rifle Deathmatch and Squad Defense.

Additionally, Blade Ballet is releasing in August for PS4, Drawful 2 is coming to PS4 on June 21, the free four-player update for Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is coming to PS4 on June 21, Manual Samuel will be out on PS4 this summer, and Skylar & Plux is releasing in January 2017 for PS4.

[Source: Playstation Blog]