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Detroit: Become Human is “About 8 to 10 Hours” Long With a Lot of Replay Value

Detroit: Become Human director, David Cage, has said that the upcoming neo-noir thriller will be “about eight to ten hours” long with “a lot of replayability value.” Speaking to IGN, Cage said that much like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, he wants players to do their entire first walkthrough dealing with the consequences of their actions and then dive back in to see how different decisions impact outcomes. Just the very first scene, for example, has about six different outcomes depending on what players choose to do. 

Cage also said that there’s “no Game Over” in the upcoming title. Once you die with a character, that character is lost for good. The earliest you can lose a character is the very first scene in the game.

In terms of structure, Detroit: Become Human is similar to Heavy Rain in that it starts off by telling individual stories, which later connect and form part of a larger plot. If you’ve played Heavy Rain at all then you know what to expect on that front.

Detroit: Become Human is in development for the PlayStation 4. Cage doesn’t have a release window for the title but it definitely won’t be out this year, he said.

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