Destiny’s Iron Banner Cancelled This Week, PS3 Demo Going Offline

Due to the same issue that prevented players from joining matches in Trials of Osiris over the weekend, Bungie has announced that Destiny’s Iron Banner is also cancelled for this week.

Bungie wasn’t able to give a time-frame for Iron Banner’s return, saying on Twitter, “Attention Guardians: Iron Banner has been grounded for now. We’re working on a fix to restore the player experience to Saladin’s standards.”

More details on Iron Banner will likely be given out on Thursday during Bungie’s weekly update.

In other Destiny news, as Bungie moves the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to Legacy Console status, they’ve announced that the free demo will be taken offline on June 23 for last-gen consoles. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One demos will continue to be available.

There was also an issue where players who completed the June 19 Daily Heroic Story Mission: Paradox weren’t receiving Legendary Marks. Bungie says they’ll be granted to the Postmaster of participating players on June 24.

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