Dontnod: Vampyr Won’t “Force” Players to Kill

Developer Dontnod is deviating from its past game Life Is Strange in a big way with Vampyr where you get to play as a — you guessed it — vampire. While playing as a creature of the night make players assume they’ll feast on everyone’s blood the moment they can, that’s not the case with Vampyr.

Speaking to PlayStation LifeStyle at this year’s E3, Project leads Stéphane Beauverger and Grégory Szucs share a bit more info on how game protagonist Jonathan Reid will be in that morally gray area and how the game won’t feed you typical black and white situations. Not only that, but the game won’t force players to kill if they don’t want to.

PSLS: One of our favorite things about Life is Strange is that it dealt with very tricky themes, the kind that don’t often get addressed in video games. Can we expect similar things from Vampyr?

Grégory: Yeah, there are no black-and-white situations for the player: only gray and morally ambiguous, and it will be up to the player to rationalize (their decisions).

Stéphane: Each player will decide with his own attitude toward life about what (makes) someone good or someone bad. You will not be forced to kill, but everything in the game will incite you to do so, because you gain many more experience points when you kill someone.

A vampire that doesn’t or won’t kill? That’s certainly an interesting aspect. For more on Vampyr, check out preview and find out why we’re excited for it.

Stay tuned to our full interview set to go up soon.