Battlefield 1: DICE Wants Players to Change Their Play Style for Dynamic Weather

In case you didn’t know, Battlefield 1 will feature — for the first time in the franchise’s history — dynamic weather. Now, I’m not talking about each multiplayer map having different weather effects, but rather, the weather for each map is random. It can be a normal sunny day in one match, and then have heavy fog in the same map the next time you play.

Not only is this something new to the Battlefield franchise, but it could and will affect gameplay when it comes to multiplayer battles. At E3, we asked DICE Lead Level Designer Dan Berlin about Battlefield 1′s dynamic weather and how it works.

PSLS: What is Battlefield 1’s dynamic weather system like?

Berlin: It’s dynamic! So you don’t know what you’re going to get. It’s not always going to be rain, fog, end. You can play (a map), and the first time you play it’s all sunny, and the next time you play, it’ll start with rain and then become foggy, you don’t know what to expect. What we wanted to with that, we wanted to push player to change their play style, and adapt to the battlefield. This makes it feel dynamic. Snipers that have really long engagement ranges, when the fog rolls in, they can’t be that effective anymore, so they have to switch to the pistol or hatchet, and it kind of creates a close-quarter sphere all around the map. It changes up the pacing. So that’s been the main approach with the weather.

That certainly sounds intriguing, no? Hopefully, snipers will actually go after the objectives if and when heavy fog rolls in. Well, one can hope, right? In another part of our chat, Berlin confirmed that normal rounds will damage airplanes, which should help players from being decimated by air vehicles like in past Battlefield games.

Stay tuned to our full chat with Berlin set to be published soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to check our Battlefield 1 hands-on preview,