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SEGA Aiming to Reinvigorate Sonic, Putting a “Huge Emphasis on Quality”

SEGA is determined to offer a new lease of life to its blue speedster. 

In the latest issue of MCV (via VideoGamer), the company’s Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich revealed SEGA’s desire to “take Sonic back to where it used to be.”

“We are really focussed on turning Sonic into an entertainment icon, not just a games icon,” explained Gerscovich. “We want to go across all platforms and elevate his status even further, which explains why we are doing so much. SEGA is really – as of this last year – putting a huge emphasis on quality.”

Adding to this, Takashi Iizuka, VP of Product Development and Creative Services and longtime stalwart of Sonic, stated: “We want to release good titles to all the players, and that is the challenge for us moving forward – making sure our games are great.”

Beyond the video game space, SEGA is also partnering with Sony Pictures to bring about a Sonic feature film — one that mixes live-action and traditional CGI.  

To conicide with the mascot’s 25th anniversary, a new Sonic game is expected to be unveiled next month. 

[Source: MCV via VideoGamer]