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Upcoming PS4 Racing Games in 2019 You Might Not Want to Miss

It’s going to be a busy year for racing game fans.

Sonic Mania Plus review

Sonic Mania Plus Review – A Mighty Ray of Hope (PS4)

Gotta go faster!

sonic racing leak

Wal-Mart Leaks Details About the New Sonic Racing Game

Wal-mart does it again!

Sega Puma Shoes

SEGA Fits Sonic with New PUMA Shoes This June

Wonder if these help you run like Sonic.

new sakura wars

Sega CEO Discusses New Games, Quality Control, and the Company’s Future

The company is headed in a new and exciting direction…

Sega FES 2018 Announcement

Sega Teases Big Plans for FES 2018

The year of the hedgehog could be well underway.

Sonic Racing PS4

New Sonic Racing Game Teased by SEGA, Watch the Trailer

Get ready!

sonic forces sales

SEGA Says Sonic Forces and Yakuza Kiwami 2 ‘Performed Strongly’

Good news for SEGA.

Sonic Team Talks Sonic Mania

Sonic Team Designer Shun Nakamura Talks Sonic Mania and the Future of 3D Sonic

Sonic Mania will impact future 3D Sonic games.

sonic forces sales

Sonic Forces Gets Free Sanic Meme DLC T-Shirt

It was found in the game’s files a while ago.

Sonic Forces review

Sonic Forces Review – Embrace the Edge (PS4)

Grab a chili dog and get to reading.

sonic forces ps4 demo

You Gotta Go Fast for These Sonic Forces Trophies

Don’t worry, this one has a Platinum.

Sonic Forces story

Shun Nakamura Provides More Insight on Sonic Forces’ Darker Story

There’s also a reason why you can’t pick your rings back up.

Sonic Forces Release Date Bonus Edition

Sonic Forces Releases on November 7, Bonus Edition Is $40

Bonus Edition includes SEGA/Atlus icon pack DLC.

sonic forces weapons

Sonic Forces Is Out on November 9 in Japan, Tag Team Gameplay Revealed

Western release is still “this Holiday.”

Sonic Mania Highest Rated Sonic Game

Sonic Mania Is the Highest-Rated New Sonic Game in 15 Years, Official Twitter Account Says

Only Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2 are higher-rated.

Sonic Mania Trophies

Sonic Mania Trophies List & Launch Trailer Revealed

No Golds or Platinums included.

Sonic Mania review

Sonic Mania Review – What’s Old is New Again…Kinda (PS4)

By the fans, for the fans.

New Sonic Mania Gameplay Video Showcases Special Stages, Time Attack & Bonus Stages

Infinite revealed for Sonic Forces.

Sonic Mania’s Reception Will Help SEGA Figure Out the Direction of Future Titles

Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka isn’t thinking about a new NiGHTS.