Battlefield 1 Alpha Video Blowout

At E3, PlayStation LifeStyle was present at an invite-only Battlefield 1 alpha gameplay capture event that showed off a ton of new multiplayer gameplay from DICE’s upcoming shooter. 

Unfortunately, the footage that we have, which you can watch below, is from the PC version of the shooter. Understandable since this is Battlefield 1 alpha footage and all that. The good news is, we have footage that shows different aspects of the game! There are infantry stuff, some vehicle segments and more. For reference, this is Conquest on the “Scar” map.

Walking Through Death:

Tanking It Up!

Over Six Minutes of Pain From Vehicles and Turrets:

Sniper Gameplay:

Drive-by Gunnery:

Air Superiorty!

Stay tuned for our Battlefield 1 interview with DICE’s Dan Berlin, as well as for more exclusive alpha gameplay set to hit the site soon.

What do you think of Battlefield 1 so far? Are you digging the World War 1 setting? Battlefield 1 will be out on October 21 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.