Overwatch Competitive Play Arrives Next Week on PS4 & Xbox One

Released yesterday on PC, Overwatch Competitive Play is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week, Blizzard announced.

Noting that the PS4/Xbox One update with Competitive Play is currently going through approvals right now, Blizzard says they’re working to release major patches simultaneously on all platforms:

We know this isn’t an ideal way to deliver new content, so we’re going to continue to refine our patching processes over the next few months in an effort to sync up our release dates across platforms as closely possible. Although our Battle.net client will always allow us to be more agile on PC, we hope to reach a point where we can release major updates on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously.

Locked until level 25 to make sure everyone has an understanding of the game, Competitive Play will consist of four seasons, each lasting two and a half months. With each season mirroring the northern hemisphere (Summer 2016 is the first season), Blizzard adds that, once a season is complete, there will be a two-week offseason, followed by a new season and new placement matches.

To get your initial skill rating (between 1 and 100), you’ll need to complete 10 placement matches. Your skill rating will be visible at the beginning of every match and will increase or decrease based on a number of factors, including win/loss, your performance, and the skill of the other players.

Here’s what they had to say about rewards:

In addition to experiencing the thrill of victory, players can earn new rewards that are only available through Competitive Play. At the end of a season, anyone who has completed the 10 placement matches will receive a special spray and player icon, with a new set of designs being released every season. On top of that, the weapons locker is about to get a little shinier. As you win matches, you’ll earn Competitive Points. Based on your performance, you’ll also receive a number of points at the end of the season. These Competitive Points can be exchanged for cosmetic Golden Weapons for your heroes. At some point during each season, we’ll also activate a leaderboard system that will highlight the top 500 players on your platform.

You can learn more about Competitive Play over here.

We’ll have more details on next week’s update once it’s available.

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