King of Fighters XIV Team Mexico Works the Crowd in Intro Video

With the South America team for King of Fighters XIV taking center stage last week, it’s now Team Mexico’s turn! In a press release, the new King of Fighters XIV character reveal video introduces us to the three fighters comprising Team Mexico and one of them is even wearing a dinosaur costume — no, really!

Check out the official character descriptions below.

King of Dinosaurs – The tyrannosaur-man is known as the King of Dinosaurs and he’s ready to lead Team Mexico to fame and glory. To be honest, not much is known about the mysterious KOD, but we do know he’s a professional wrestler with a mysterious past, who’s fighting in the tournament for a personal matter. Seriously though, when you’re dressed like a dinosaur, is backstory really all that important? All you need to know is that he’s literally a giant man in a dinosaur costume who bites, claws, and tosses his opponents around like a rag doll.

Angel – Angel is a former assassin of NESTS who boasts superhuman strength that allows her to deal some devastating damage. With a vicious combination of Muay Thai strikes and astounding pro wrestling moves, it’ll be tough to outshine her in the tournament.

Ramon – The legendary luchador Ramon a.k.a. “The Mightiest Tiger.” The confident Ramon wants to compete for the love of the “sport,” and wants to assist the King of Dinosaurs in his personal quest by throwing down some of his signature moves in the ring. 

King of Fighters XIV will be out this August 23 on the PS4 and will feature 50 characters out of the gate.