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Watch a Tech Enthusiast Tear Down Rare Nintendo PlayStation Prototype

Last year, someone discovered a rare Nintendo PlayStation console in a box of stuff that belonged to his father. Dan Diebold’s discovery swiftly made rounds on the internet and even caught the attention of Sony’s boss, Shuhei Yoshida, who revealed that he actually played games on the console, only 200 units of which were reportedly ever manufactured. 

Now, Terry and Dan Diebold have handed over the console to engineer and tech enthusiast, Ben Heck (who has his own channel on YouTube), allowing him to take apart the console to find out how it works. Heck promises to try to get it to work again and although the latter part is reserved for a future episode, you can watch part 1 – the teardown – in the video above. It’s an interesting video and worth watching if you’re intrigued by the prototype. Heck also offers his own thoughts and insightful comments from experience. 

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