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Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Nintendo PlayStation Console

Just last week, we posted a story about the “Nintendo PlayStation” console that never saw the light of day. Confused? In case you didn’t know, Nintendo was supposed to partner with Sony on a new version of the SNES called the “Play Station” which housed a CD-ROM drive. Things didn’t work out, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida commented on the rare and never-released Nintendo PlayStation console. While Yoshida couldn’t confirm whether the console was legitimate, he did confirm he was able to play games on such a device way back then when Ken Kutaragi was still the head of PlayStation.

When I joined Ken Kutaragi’s team [in 1993], there was a system called ‘Play Station’ that had both Super Nintendo cartridge support and some disc game support. Actually, I played some games [on it] as well.

Somehow, I think it’s more fun to keep it kind of a mystery.

Can you imagine if this deal pushed through? We’d probably be playing Nintendo Play Stations with Nintendo’s franchises. Not only that, but this site would most likely be called Nintendo Play Station LifeStyle or something similar, no? Consider my mind blown by that possiblity.

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