PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 Promotion Offers Pre-Order Discounts on Bound, Brut@l & More

In this year’s North American PlayStation Store PLAY promotion, Sony is offering pre-order discounts on Headlander, Abzu, Brut@l, and Bound – all of which are making their console-first digital debuts on PlayStation 4.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll receive 20% off on pre-orders of any of the games. Additionally, anyone (PS+ member or not) who purchases two or more PLAY 2016 titles by August 23 will receive a coupon for 20% off their entire cart purchase.

“For those of you bargain hunters out there, don’t worry — you can take advantage of both offers at the same time,” Sony adds.

Here’s the PS4 games available in the PLAY promotion:

PlayStation Store PLAY 2016 (PS+ Pre-Order Price, Regular Price)

  • Headlander (July 26) – $15.99, $19.99
  • Abzu (August 2) – $15.99, $19.99
  • Brut@l (August 9) – $11.99, $14.99
  • Bound (August 16) – $15.99, $19.99

And here’s a quick description for each game:


Adult Swim Games and acclaimed studio Double Fine team up to bring you Headlander, a ’70s-sci-fi-inspired platformer. Play as a disembodied human head that takes over bizarre robot bodies in a retro-futuristic “utopia” ruled by a deranged computer.


ABZÛ is a beautiful, dreamy underwater adventure. Immerse yourself in a vibrant, hidden world that’s bursting with life but beware as you swim deeper – dangers lurk in the mysterious depths.


Choose your hero – Ranger, Mage, Warrior, or Amazon – then descend into a dangerous world constructed entirely from ASCII characters. Weapon crafting, potion brewing, and local 2P multiplayer will help you survive the onslaught of enemies in these unique dungeons.


Developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 by Plastic, the team behind innovative titles like Linger In Shadows and Datura, Bound is a 3D platformer that combines a unique visual style with a powerful story and gameplay mechanics infused with modern dance.

Each game pre-ordered in the PLAY promo also comes with an exclusive PS4 theme (all of them are Static except for the Bound theme).

What do you think of the games offered this year?

[Source: PS Blog]