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Death Stranding E3 Teaser Scene to Appear in Final Game, Kojima Productions’ Ludens Gets a Trailer

July 24, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


Over at the San Diego Comic-Con, Hideo Kojima appeared in a livestream in which he talked a bit about his upcoming title, Death Stranding, as well as his studio’s icon, Ludens

We’re told that the scenes in Death Stranding‘s E3 2016 teaser, which was running in real time, will also appear in the game. However, Ludens will not. Updating fans on the game’s development, Kojima said that he still hasn’t decided on an engine but he “almost” has one. Everything is still in the testing phase, with the plot and script still being worked on as well. 

Right now we’re making several tests. We almost have the engine. The teaser was something we did through experiments through visuals. Aside from that, in a different engine we’re doing tests for gameplay. The teaser, it is a cutscene, but when you stop it you can move the camera around and walk inside Death Stranding so it rendered in real time.

I’m working on the plot. I’m doing tests. I’m trying to figure out what the settings for what the story will be; some character design. [I] was about to say something [I] shouldn’t say. I don’t have the script quite just yet. I’m in a preliminary stage of the script because there are elements that I don’t know yet how much I will be able to put in there. I’m not working on the details, on the specifics yet. No dialogue yet, the plot… there’s no real plot. I’m working on the setting and what things will be be.

As for Ludens, Kojima Productions released a new trailer for the studio’s mascot, which you can check out below. 

Kojima said that the concept behind Ludens is “to use bleeding-edge technology and exploring the unknown.” He also denied rumors that the face behind the mascot is that of Norman Reedus. Apparently, it’s Kojima’s own face rendered in 3D. However, he reveals that the whole thing got a bit creepy for him so he asked the production team to modify it a bit.

For more on Kojima’s talk, follow the source links below.

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