Marvel: Ultimate Alliance & Ultimate Alliance 2 Headed to PS4 on Tuesday

Back in June, both Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 were rated for the PlayStation 4, and yesterday at San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that both titles are headed to current-gen consoles and PC on Tuesday, July 26. 

Executive Producer, Mike Jones, said that Ultimate Alliance is one of the most “celebrated game franchises in Marvel’s history.” Speaking about the re-releases, he explained that the developers worked hard on improving the games’ performance, and enhancing UI and some graphics. “They play really smooth,” said Jones. 

As for why the team decided to re-release the titles, Jones revealed that fans were constantly asking for it and since the franchise is about to turn ten, it was a perfect time to give people the opportunity to replay the games if they missed them the first time around.

Available digitally, each title will cost $39.99 on its own or $59.99 together as a bundle. Players can either play solo or with friends via local or online co-op. 

Any of our readers planning on picking them up?

[Source: Marvel]