Binding of Isaac Developer Nicalis Teases Mega Man-Like Game, May Be for Consoles

Earlier today, creative lead for The Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen, teased the latest project that he and Closure programmer Tyler Glaiel are working on.

The teaser video shows off a boss battle fight which our hero fails to defeat. McMillen stated that this game will be separate from the Binding of Isaac universe, and will rather be part of one of his earlier titles, Time Fcuk; however, it isn’t a sequel.

Fans of the 2D platformer should be excited as McMillen’s untitled project is described as a Mega Man / Isaac-like game and with the recent disappointment of Mighty No. 9, this could be exactly what fans want.

No name yet so we are just leaking out early teases, for now, all I can say is I think most would describe it as a Mega Man / Isaac-like, but a platformer with really tight controls.

McMillen has also confirmed to Eurogamer that the new game will definitely be coming to PC and Mac, consoles are a “big possibility”, but it’s just a little too early to say. 

Would you want to see McMillens “thingy” come to consoles?

[Source: Eurogamer, YouTube]