Life Is Strange Developers Announce Spin-Off Studio, Working on PC Game

Life Is Strange developers announce new partnership with fellow Parisian studio, Hesaw. Dontnod is most known for the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange series, however, they have also developed Remember Me and upcoming title Vampyr.

The new partnership will help Hesaw finish their latest game, Battlecrew Space Pirates. The collaboration between the two studios resulted in Hesaw being renamed to Dontnod Eleven. CEO of Dontnod Oskar Guilbert is very happy to be working alongside a Parisian outlet.

The goal of our collaboration is to help those talented independent developers and benefit from their know-how, said Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert. They’ve been working on this game for about a year and we’re happy to help them achieve their goal of releasing this fun, exciting and innovative gaming experience.

As you can see from the gameplay video above, the game is looking pretty good displaying both cutscenes and actual gameplay. Battlecrew Space Pirates is said to be more than just a shoot em’ up, it promises players unlockable characters, environments, and new modes.

Battlecrew Space Pirates is scheduled to hit Steam Early Access soon.

[Source: Develop]