Sci-Fi Shooter Project Boundary Announced for PlayStation VR

The sci-fi shooter Project Boundary has been  announced for the PlayStation 4 and its VR headset, PlayStation VR. The announcement comes from the ChinaJoy event that took place yesterday.

The game is set to be a multiplayer first-person shooter set in space. It is being developed by Chinese studio, Surgical Scalpels. You can watch gameplay from Project Boundary above, which kind of resembles another first-person space game, Adr1ft.

Set in the near future, space travel has quickly become very affordable thanks to the invention of space elevators. As such, a new breed of governments, merchants, pirates, mercenaries, and outlaws are born in a race to plunder the universe of valuable goods.

Earlier this month it was confirmed that the recently released Adr1ft isn’t planned for PSVR, so hopefully Project Boundary is able to fill that void with something amazing. At the moment the game is only scheduled to release in mainland China, though there is a chance that Surgical Scalpels will bring the title to other regions.

PlayStation VR is set to release on October 13.

[Source: Upload VR]