Indigo Prophecy, Arcade Archives Contra, Ape Escape 2 PS4 Trophy Lists Surface

Exophase has revealed the PlayStation 4 Trophy list for Ape Escape 2, suggesting it will be one of the next PlayStation 2 classics to get re-released on PS4.

No official details are available yet from Sony, but the Trophy list doesn’t include a Platinum, so it’s likely Ape Escape 2 will cost $9.99. Since Ape Escape 2 wasn’t mentioned in the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, a release next week is unlikely.

Here’s the description:

What do you get when you combine 300 monkeys with one little mix-up? Discover the mayhem as the Specter, an evil monkey, leads troops of riotous monkeys in a revolution. You must chase down each monkey and stop its plans for world domination by using a variety of wild gadgets, vehicles, and unlockable items. In Ape Escape 2, you can capture monkeys around the world, explore new environments, and play through several new minigames.

In other Trophy list news, Exophase posted one for Arcade Archives Contra. There’s six Trophies in total, and the two Golds ask you to score 150,000 points and post your score to the online rankings in the “HI SCORE MODE.” All of the other Arcade Archives titles are priced at $7.99, so expect Contra to follow suit when it eventually launches.

Finally, Exophase posted the Trophy list for Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy. There’s 49 Trophies to unlock, including a Platinum (using cheats disables Trophies), and the two Golds ask you to see all of the endings and beat every chapter on Hard difficulty. If you plan on checking out the Trophy list, be warned, as it contains major spoilers for every chapter in the game.

Priced at $14.99, Indigo Prophecy was expected to release on July 18, but Quantic Dream delayed it a few days prior to launch. They haven’t announced a new date yet.

If you live in Europe, Psychonauts was released last week for PS4, priced at £8.99.

[Source: Exophase (Ape, Contra, Indigo), PlayStation]