Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok Releases on August 16

Io-Interactive announced today that Hitman Episode 4: Bangkok is releasing on August 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Taking you to the Himmapan luxury hotel and resort on the Chao Phraya River outside Bangkok, the Club 27 mission gives you two targets: rock star Jordan Cross, front man of indie band The Class, and Cross’ family lawyer, Ken Morgan. You can watch the music video for one of Cross’ songs, Are We Stars, above.

Studio Head Hannes Seifert said:

Bangkok is the exotic setting for the next episode in our HITMAN season. We’ve gone a bit rock and roll with this one as your targets are the lead singer of the band The Class and his family lawyer – so expect musical instruments to be used for some unusual activity.

You’ll also find new opportunities and disguises, as well as 65 different challenges that unlock new gear, weapons, and items.

Hitman has two more episodes coming this year: Episode 5, set in the United States, and the season finale, set in Japan. Neither of them have release dates yet.

In January 2017, Io-Interactive and Square Enix will release a retail disc for Hitman.

[Source: Hitman]