No Man’s Sky Is a 3.4GB Download on PS4, According to the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store in North America and Europe has updated to reveal that the digital version of No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 will be a 3.4GB download.

Update (August 8): Including the day one update, No Man’s Sky is roughly a 5GB download.

Since there’s a day one update for No Man’s Sky (scheduled to release on or before Monday), expect that 3.4GB download to get bigger. Hello Games has yet to say how big the day one update will be, but we do know that it will include “lots of new features, balancing and content,” as well as “even more colours.”

The digital pre-load for No Man’s Sky is expected to begin on August 7 in North America, with the game unlocking on August 8. We couldn’t find a pre-load date for Europe, but the game will unlock on August 9.

As we learned last month, the retail version of No Man’s Sky is 6GB on disc. It was also revealed that PlayStation Plus isn’t required for No Man’s Sky online play, “however you will need to be connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas.”

If you want to listen to No Man’s Sky before playing it, the official soundtrack, titled No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe, was released today. Created by UK instrumental band 65daysofstatic, the soundtrack is almost two hours long and is available from iTunes and retail stores, and can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.

How will you be buying No Man’s Sky?

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