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DOOM’s Campaign is Getting a Score Attack Mode, id Talks Free-for-All Deathmatch

At QuakeCon 2016, id Software revealed that it’ll be adding a Score Attack mode to DOOM‘s campaign that’ll encourage players to continue playing by putting their slaying skills to good use. Speaking to GamesRadar, Director Marty Stratton didn’t disclose when the mode will go live but said that it’s coming soon and shed some light on what it’s about.

I want the game to reward me in a way that it’s recognizing how badass I’m playing. And it’s arcade-y to begin with, so as we’ve started to present that to the player and call that stuff out, it actually works pretty well. So I’m excited about that.

Leaderboards, ways to compete with friends, all that kind of stuff. We’ll be talking a lot more about it down the road. It’s kind of in its early-ish development. But I think it will be a very cool way for players to come back and play the campaign again, experience it again, and even again and again, as they shoot for the really good runs.

Elsewhere during the event, Stratton spoke to GameSpot about the upcoming multiplayer free-for-all deathmatch mode, revealing that it’s highly requested by players. “All of our modes coming out of the gate were team modes, and there’s been a lot of requests. We wanted to include it, and a lot of fans have requested it,” he explained.

However, id Software has yet to decide whether it’ll add demon power-up to the mode or not.

We’ve gone back and forth on the demon, so I can’t actually confirm whether or not the demon is going to be part of deathmatch… There’s a purity [to] the deathmatch experience that we kind of feel like we want to maintain. That may end up being a non-demon mode when it comes out.

Players have also been promised improvements to DOOM‘s map editor and Snapmap in the near future. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can play the game’s new multiplayer DLC, Unto the Evil.

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