Three Seasons of Hitman Are Planned, But Season 2 Hasn’t Been Confirmed Yet

With Episode 4 of Season 1 releasing next week, Hitman developer Io-Interactive has revealed on Twitter that there are plans for three seasons, but Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet:

Taking to the forums, Square Enix Europe’s Community Manager explained that it’s too early to talk about Season 2, as Io-Interactive is focused on Season 1 right now:

Over the course of the last 12 months we had the pleasure to talk to many media representatives across the globe. We always pointed out the fact, that this is the beginning of a great journey for us. We planned out an intricate storyline that spans across several seasons, and our ambition is to continue and unfold it with future Hitman games. That being said, our whole focus and attention is without a doubt on Season 1 right now, providing the very best Hitman experience possible. It’s far too early to talk about what’s next, before we haven’t even finished this journey. We really want to process all our learnings from Season 1 from every possible angle. Only then we’re in a good and solid position to think and talk about what’s possibly in store for the future.

Asked if there was any chance for a Hitman: Blood Money remaster, Io said, “No, we’re focusing on the current Hitman experience.” Asked if the remaster could happen once they’re done with current Hitman, Io replied, “We’ll be focusing on the future seasons of Hitman.”

Answering a few other questions, Io-Interactive said they’ll consider a Platinum Trophy towards the end of the season, they can’t say yet if digital progress will transfer to the disc version in early 2017, and, when asked about classic levels returning, they said, “While inspiration may come from what’s worked well in previous missions, we’re focusing on creating new and exciting content.”

After Bangkok next week, Hitman will see episodes set in the United States and Japan later this year to wrap up Season 1.

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