Battlefield 1 Vehicles Trailer Shows You the Rides of Destruction Available

Continuing its Battlefield 1 gameplay series of videos, DICE has now released a new trailer showcasing the Battlefield 1 vehicles players will get to drive in the game. It’s no secret that gamers can expect planes, tanks, and other sorts of vehicles that will help in their quest to main, overtake and dominate the battlefield.

The vehicles you’ll use in Battlefield 1 were created for a new type of warfare. They were massive and powerful, shaping the future of warfare with every shell shot or bomb dropped. These new vehicles required more attention and specialization, represented in-game with the Tanker and Pilot classes you’ll play as if you deploy into a tank or plane respectively. 

Don’t forget, a new Battlefield 1 trailer is set to hit at gamescom, which is happening in just a few days’ time. Not only that, but the BF1 beta will happen very soon as well. If you can’t wait that long, go check out a ton of multiplayer footage straight from the PS4 version right here.

[Source: Battlefield]