Dataminer Digs Up No Man’s Sky Secrets

A dataminer has been having a bit of fun with his Steam build of No Man’s Sky. He’s opened all of the game’s code files in order to seek out a hidden multiplayer mode, but in the meantime, he’s found several other secrets instead. He shared them with a friend, who consequently posted his discoveries on NeoGAF. The following is a small sample of what he’s uncovered:

  • Player characters, complete with helmets, jetpacks, and backpacks;
  • Prototype assets for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360;
  • A folder of demo assets containing a monkey with a fez, jellyfish, and two spaceships;
  • Something called a “space grave”;
  • All of the E3 demos;
  • Evidence of a poop effect.

Thus far, he hasn’t found anything on multiplayer mode. But he did find some Half-Life 2 logos in a Test folder within the Textures folder. In addition, he has learned that the PC version of the game uses the PlayStation 4 libraries and compression.

The Half-Life 2 logos are the biggest headscratcher. What could they have been using those for? Player taunts?

[Source: NeoGAF via IGN]