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PlayStation VR’s Launch is Going to be “Big,” Says Sony

PlayStation VR‘s launch in October is going to be no small affair, according to Sony executive Jim Ryan. Speaking during an interview with Inside PlayStation at Gamescom 2016 (translation via Push Square), he assured fans that it’ll be a “proper PlayStation launch.” 

There will be proper marketing, products in stores, lots of games at launch; we’ve got 38 titles on the stand [at Gamescom]. It’s going to be big.

Elsewhere in the interview, Ryan clarified in response to a question that Sony doesn’t discriminate between AAA titles and indies. He said that the company focuses on “great” games regardless of their status.

At the end of the day, it’s just about great games. We don’t discriminate between something that’s a AAA or something that’s an indie. If something’s a great game, then it gets focus, attention, and love.

He went on to quote the example of No Man’s Sky, stating that Sony invested as much into the title as it would into its own major releases. 

[Source: Inside PlayStation (YouTube) via Push Square(1)(2)]