No PlayStation Exclusive Content Yet for Destiny: The Taken King on Xbox One

When Destiny: The Taken King released last year, the expansion had quite a bit PlayStation-exclusive content. At launch, the fine print explained that this exclusive content would “exclusive until at least fall 2016.” Many Xbox One owners assumed that this would mean they would receive the content in fall 2016, a year after the PS4 players, which is what happened with the first round of Destiny. Unfortunately, Bungie and Activision were serious about the “at least” part of the stipulation.

Now it’s being reported from several sources, both with Bungie and Activision, that the content will release to Xbox One players in fall 2017. Technically, the originally statement is accurate, as they did say “at least fall 2016.” Fall 2017 is still part of that at least. The main website,, now also has “at least fall 2017.” Please note that this still does not mean “definitely fall 2017.” It could still be later.

However, several Xbox One owners have pointed out that releasing this content in fall 2017 pushes it past the expected release date for Destiny 2. By then, no one on Xbox One will be playing the original Destiny game or care about that content. Neither Activision nor Bungie have commented further on this development with the exclusives. 

[Source: Eurogamer]