Gravity Rush 2 Characters, Places, and Story Details Unveiled

Sony has been a little quiet about Gravity Rush 2, other than saying it will release across both the PlayStation 4 and Vita. Now that the game will release in just a few months, the development team is ready to divulge a few details about the game, including some of the story, the new characters, and the new places Kat and Syd will travel.

After the end of Gravity Rush, Kat and Syd are whisked away from their home in Hekseville, courtesy of a gravity anomaly. They land in Banga, a small mining town off the coast, where the miners earn a living from harvesting gravity ore from the floating reef off the shores. Since Dusty is not with Kat, and therefore she doesn’t have any of her powers, she and Syd resign to start working and earn their keep in this floating, mobile village. 

In addition to Banga, Kat will also journey to the Rift Plane, a forbidden land that happens to be abundant in high quality gravity ore. Kat will be challenged by Nevi as well as Stone tablets that will provide clues on how to traverse through this treacherous place.

While working and living in this new town, Kat and Syd will also meet a host of new characters. Those revealed in the PlayStation Blog are in the gallery below.

And as you may have noticed from the gallery, the game will retain its comic book presentation for dialogue. Gravity Rush 2 will also retain its open world structure, complete with various icons to denote story missions as well as challenge missions.

Gravity Rush 2 will release on December 2, 2016.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]