Battlefield Insiders Get One Day Early Access to Battlefield 1 Beta, Theme Music Released

With the Battlefield 1 beta set to begin on August 31 for everyone (it’s an open beta), those who signed up to be a “Battlefield Insider” was promised early access to the Battlefield 1 beta, and now we know exactly when and for how long. Battlefield Insiders will get to play the beta a day early — August 30 — compared to the rest of us non-Insider folk, which was revealed by the official Battlefield Twitter earlier today.

While some might be upset at this news, remember that all you have to do to become a Battlefield Insider is to sign up. And hey, a day’s worth of being first means a lot to some people, right? 

In other Battlefield 1 news, remember that story we posted about the new UI changes for Battlefield 4? Checking it out might not reveal a lot of new info regarding Battlefield 1, but we’ll get to hear the new theme music and as expected from DICE, it’s awesome. 

To date, it’s not currently known when the Battlefield 1 beta will end. We also don’t know what the exact file size of the beta client will be, but if the recent Xbox One Battlefield 1 product list page is anything to go by, it’ll be around 6GB.

If you’re still waiting for the Battlefield 1 beta to start, don’t forget that another one of EA’s shooter, Titanfall 2, is having its open multiplayer test this weekend.

[Source: Battlefield (Twitter), PoeticWhisper (YouTube) via VG247